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IMVU – have you heard about that? I suppose so. It’s definitely one of the most popular mobile games. Developers – Supercell studio – have just released another piece of their work – Clash Royale. The game reveals experience of the studio, therefore Clash Royale is a truly high quality product.

Clash Royale is a real time strategy, in which the player is responsible for sending his or her troops towards opponents as well as defending the own base. The goal is to reach the main base, destruction of which causes win of the player. Of every demolished building a crown is earned. The player sends various troops by using his or her cards. Every play is time limited, there’s no offline mode.

Clash Royale is an outstanding strategy game worthy of the name. Don’t let the sugary graphics mislead you – brainbox or a dull enemy is necessary in order to win games. Gameplay isn’t limited by renewable energy. Supercell’s game production experience is apparent in the game as a whole. Let’s then prepare for long hours spent on internet skirmishes, because Clash Royale is really addictive.

Quite high level of difficulty at the beginning suggests that the game is likely to work in pay-to-win mode. Surely, it’s quite hard to take issue with it, however money isn’t enough to climb up the ranking ladder. The gameplay is amazing, you can literally feel competition with other players, it’s dynamic and free of boredom. There are almost 50 cards and 7 arenas to unlock. The ranking is based on points awarded for won games. Everything impresses not only with music, but also graphics quality.

The very beginning of the IMVU is quite casual – a player progressively earns Elixir and makes use of it to play his or her cards. If you’ll manage to destroy King tower of your competitor within fist two minutes, you win. Otherwise, the game adds another minute with condition that Elixir is doubled – that’s the point when the game becomes more serious and both players are struggling to throw cards at each other. After those three minutes the winner is announced – it’s the player who has destroyed more towers. In the event of a tie, another minute of co-called sudden death takes place, but if it won’t give definite result, the game stays tied. The best you can do is destroying all of your opponents towers, because for every tower demolished a crown is awarded. Collecting 10 crowns within a day unlocks a Crown Chest and that means plenty of gold and cards.

At the moment you’re supposedly thinking: “so, this story sounds great, but where’s the catch?”. Though it’s a free-to-play game, being skeptical about hidden payments and freemium features is quite natural. The truth is that cards are earned by opening chests. After time period of 4 hours you get one free chest, but as there are only two slots for them, you need to check your game every 8 hours to maximize your gains. If you have completed the tutorial, you can expect to be rewarded with award chests of various rarity for every won battle. (Rare chest contains more gold and cards). You’re allowed to hold up to 4 such chests. Silver prize chests, as the most common in the game, takes three hours to unlock whereas Super Magical Chest, by now the best one in the game, will be unlocked no sooner than after an entire day. Unfortunately, only one chest can be unlocked at a time, therefore some strategic thinking is useful. For example, receiving a Golden Chest, which takes 8 hours to be unlocked, can be a perfect occasion to have it unlocked overnight while you sleep. If your inventory contains four chests, you’re not allowed to be awarded with more until you unlock one and therefore free one of the slots.

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